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Link Building
Case Study

0 x
Growth in Organic Traffic

Social Status saw
5X growth in Organic Traffic and acquired 5000+ niche relevant backlinks.

SocialStatus, a social media analytics platform, sought to elevate its online presence by increasing organic traffic, fostering brand awareness, and acquiring niche-relevant backlinks.

With my expertise, I carried out Digital PR and link-building campaigns, resulting in significant outcomes. These initiatives led to an impressive 5X increase in organic traffic and the acquisition of over 5,000+ relevant, high-quality backlinks.

The result of these efforts was reflected in the client’s domain rating, which experienced significant growth, reaching a commendable DR 67.

About the Client

Social Status is an industry-leading social media analytics platform for marketers and advertisers. They have a significant global presence with offices in Silicon Valley, Brisbane, Manila, and Wollongong.


The Challenge

SocialStatus aimed to establish its online presence, increase organic traffic, and enhance website metrics by acquiring high-quality backlinks. The objective was clear: build brand awareness and convert the gained target audience through organic traffic.


However, the client faced challenges in achieving consistent and growing organic traffic. Their domain rating wasn’t robust enough for top rankings in SERPs for their desired keywords.


That’s when I stepped in!

How did
I help?

In our first meeting, I grasped the client’s actual needs. I also proposed focusing on building a brand reputation, which the client found valuable, and we decided to move forward.


Following a fruitful brainstorming session, I found that my Digital PR and link-building efforts perfectly aligned with what SocialStatus was looking for.


Here’s what happened next!

Magical Spells that got results! 🧙🏻‍♂️

Link Building


My main focus with link building was to get top-notch backlinks from relevant websites. This helps the client boost their Domain Rating and increase the likelihood of ranking organically for their desired keywords in search engine results.


I made sure that these backlinks were only acquired from content where the anchor naturally fit, ensuring they get not just link juice but also additional referral traffic to their website.

Digital PR


In Digital PR, I had two main goals: brand awareness and brand reputation. To achieve this, I proposed creating listicles that feature SocialStatus alongside other top social media tools.


Utilizing my connections with various respected online business and marketing publications, I aimed to get these listicles published. This strategy would provide SocialStatus with the necessary brand awareness and contribute to building a solid reputation.

The Results

I carried out the two campaigns as planned, and here’s what I achieved:

✅ 10x Referring Domains 

✅ 5x Growth in Organic Traffic
✅ 5000+ Relevant Backlinks
✅ 100+ Brand Mentions via Listicles

5X Growth in Organic Traffic

Earlier, SocialStatus was getting less than 500 visitors a month through organic traffic. When we concluded the campaigns, the client’s website was attracting at least 3000 visitors each month.

That’s a staggering return of 400% in a single campaign!

Acquired 1,000+ High-quality backlinks

By employing top-notch link-building strategies, I managed to secure some high-quality, relevant, and naturally fitting backlinks for the client.


SocialStatus now boasts a DR of 60+, significantly enhancing its chances of ranking for their desired keywords.

Yash is a trustworthy and hard-working link builder who I’ve been working with on a continual basis. He is always very responsive and finds high quality link opportunities that match our specific brief. I always enjoy working with Yash and can highly recommend his services to any company.

- Tim Hill (CEO & Founder)